• Action-adventure - Contains exploration, puzzles interspersed with battles and adversaries. Example: Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time.
  • Adventure - Exploration and wandering through lands, puzzles are closely related to the story. Example: Syberia. Think interactive books.
  • Arcade - Copied after the short, easy to learn skill and puzzle games.
  • Board Games - These are games that were originally board games that have been ported. over to console games. Example: Scrabble. One of the advantages is that you can play solo against the computer as your companion.
  • Card Games - Free Cell and Solitaire are just the beginning
  • Casual - Easy to play, offered on-line as a free trial.
  • Educational - Mainly for children; includes arithmetic, language and logic activities. Very few made now. Leapfrog has taken over this genre.
  • Fighting - Besides wrestling, there are games involving martial arts and war games.
  • First-person shooters - View is from behind the shooter, so that only the hand and the gun are seen.
  • Third-person shooters - The main character is seen from above in an isometric view.
  • Online Games - Games played on-line through a modem or broadband connection to the internat. Play may be solo or with or against other people. In the main they are role playing games (RPG) involving social interaction, fighting and acquisition.
  • Puzzle - Can be visual, mathematical, verbal, the variety is endless.
  • Rhythm/dance/music games - Play a pseudo instrument, dance on a dance pad in time to music.
  • Role-playing games - Take on a character and develop his/her skill, attitude and position in the game.
  • Simulation Games - Constructs a realistic life scenario in which the player takes on a role or action. Other variants are piloting realistically modeled airplanes (flight simulators), boats and building and running railroads (train simulators).
  • Sport games - Play as an individual or make up a team. Choices are endless and range from basketball, soccer, skiing, golf to boxing, just to name a few.
  • Strategy - Successful outcome involves more than just the fighting most often found in war games.

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